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Don’t replace, RENEW your roof with fluid applied roofing! Roofs that can be renewed are: metal, rubber, TPO, built up, PVC and many other types. Call Affordable Roofing today to see if your roof is a candidate for renewal!

Roof coating is a cost-effective, convenient alternative to an entire roof replacement. At Affordable Roofing in Lynchburg, VA we offer this service to both our residential and commercial clients.

Roof Coating Services

Our coatings we use are continuous with no seams, unlike rubber or metal roofs. They can be applied over metal, rubber, or tar and gravel. We also offer a variety of colors to choose from, or you can choose white for energy efficiency. We also use Hydro-stop coatings which are approved for historical districts.

Advantages of Roof Coatings

Roof coating offer variety of benefits that can save you money in the long-term, including:
Roof Coating Services - Roofing Contractor in Lynchburg, VA

Reduced Cooling Bills

Qualified roof coatings can lower both your roof's surface temperature and your home or business' internal temperature due to the coatings ability to reflect both ultraviolet and infrared sunlight away from your building.

Extended Roof Life

Not only do our coating reflect harmful sun rays, which decreases both UV damage and heat damage, it also increases your roof's waterproof quality, and extends the amount of wear and tear from the elements that your roof can take. Roof coatings can also reduce the chances of your roof color fading, extending the bright and new-looking appearance of your roof as it ages.
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Easy Repairs and Less Chance of Early Roof Replacement

Small leaks and minor damage are able to be repaired before a roof coating is applied. Should the right coating be used, an entire roof replacement can be avoided.

The Process

Before we begin this roofing service, we pressure wash your roof and prime it if necessary. Next, we cover it with a HydroStop™ waterproofing coat until it is between 26 and 30 Mil. thick.


Color Matching

Numerous color options are available for you to choose from, and we are able to match any existing color on your building.

HydroStop™ is also the only product that is approved for roof coating in historical districts, where the buildings need to have the roofs perfectly match the original color.

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